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The Visual Humor of Don Stewart

New Paperback Edition! 

Back by popular demand: DS Art - The Visual Humor of Don Stewart is the re-issued collection of pun-filled composite renderings to flow from the steady pen and fluid mind of the comedic doctor-turned-artist, now in paperback.

Showcasing the best and funniest work from his first twenty years in the studio, this 80-page volume contains 56 of the artist's most popular ballpoint drawings, each intricately composed of dozens of hidden images and visual wordplay. These complex pictures illustrate a variety of subjects including animals, sports, music, and medicine, accompanied by amusing commentary and detailed component lists that complete the connection from the brain to the funny bone.

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Past Medical History 

The latest literary effort by Dr. Don Stewart, a compilation of short stories chronicling the life of a young man who grew up with the singular goal of becoming a doctor, then quit the day he earned his medical license to make a living as an artist. This series of stories draws a clear picture of a doctor whose passion and creativity allowed him to recognize the pitfalls of his chosen profession, then compelled him to escape from the hospital, and take his life in a more creative, and far healthier direction. 

Available in paperback,  a complete  PDF file for PC readers, or our new Kindle version. 




Kids Pick the Funniest Poems

"Recipe for Mud Pies" Edited by Bruce Lansky, with illustrations by Steve Carpenter. Meadowbrook Press This book is a collection of poems selected by children, who apparently admired Don's culinary talents.

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The Healing Arts
"St. Mary's Hospital"