Coloring Book

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Price: $7.50

A Coloring Book?

Sure, we’re happy pushing ideas of our own devising, but we’re certainly not above climbing onto a popular bandwagon, especially when it looks like it’ll be an entertaining ride. All it takes to make a coloring book, Don figured, is to collect a bunch of black & white pictures – something we already have in ample supply around here. He just didn't realize how much time (and actual work) would be inolved in simplifying and re-drawing several dozen of these rather complex designs. (His sense of optimism is only exceeded by his renowned penchant for lassitude.)

This is an experimental project we put together to see how the new drawings would work in the coloring book format. Don learned two things: the collection looks pretty good, but twenty pictures make for a skinny little booklet. In other words, he's got a lot more work ahead of him.

Yes, we're planning on a thicker publication later on this year, but why not get a preview in the meantime? Where else can you have this much fun for five bucks these days? 

81/2 x 11", $7.50 each